SOCCER IN ECUADOR: It’s An Obsession!

I think one of the most fun things so far living here in Ecuador was sitting in a small restaurant in Quito watching the Ecuador vs Uruguay soccer match.

Cathedral, Quito, Ecuador

Cathedral, Quito, Ecuador

After seeing the the giant cathedral in Quito, a horrendous thunderstorm ripped into town. Inside the cathedral the sound of the thunder was booming. We decided to go to the cafe across the street to have coffee and wait out the storm. The restaurant was named, “El Confesionario Cafeteria” or “The Confessional Cafeteria.” We thought that was quite clever and funny since it was located right across the street from a grand cathedral.

I started out my meal with coca tea which really helped to ease the headache I was feeling at the time. And it also helped the minor altitude sickness I had from all the walking in the 9300 feet altitude.

Coca Tea

Coca Tea

Il Confessionario Restaurant, Quito, Ecuador

El Confesionario Cafeteria, Quito, Ecuador

The soccer match between Ecuador and Uruguay was on TV and we just ended up staying- the owner gave us popcorn and guacamole and beer-and beer and other snacks. Once the beer kicked in, who could feel altitude sickness?!

We all watched the soccer match his very good friends, a couple who were very nice.

Go Ecuador!

Go Ecuador!

Everyone asked about each others families and where we lived and our plans. We cheered the Ecuadorian team to a 1-0 victory.

Then the owner and all his friends told us we were such good luck that we JUST HAD to come back on Tuesday to help Ecuador win in the finals against Chile! And they told us we were “nuevo familia” (new family) and we just felt so incredibly welcome. They were all just SO INCREDIBLY NICE and warm.

We did go back the next week and unfortunately Ecuador lost to Chile but we all had a great time again together, drinking beer and eating homemade snacks !

All over Ecuador, every bar and restaurant that has a TV always has a soccer match on. There are huge black billboards all over Ecuador that have only these words written on them: “” or “Nothing Is More”

On the beaches, kids, teens and adults, men and women, are always playing soccer. It’s a total obsession here. I love it!

Kids Playing Soccer, Crucita, Ecuador

Kids Playing Soccer, Crucita, Ecuador



Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.37.38 pm

(This blog is an excerpt from the upcoming book, “Footprints In Ecuador: An American Woman’s Life Changing Journey.”

Note: All photos in “Footprints in Ecuador: An American Woman’s Life Changing Journey” have been taken by Mary Anne Dorward. All photos and writing on this blog are protected under the U.S. Trademark: Words To Thrive By.  Please do not copy or reproduce any part of these blogs without express permission from Mary Anne Dorward. For more information or to schedule and inspirational speech or interview, please contact Mary Anne at


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