ECUADOR LIVING: The Roosters Who Live Next Door

Home Sweet Home.

Home Sweet Home.

I live in a seven story condo right on the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I take long walks on the beach every day in the sunshine and I can feel myself getting healthier and healthier by the minute! We hear the beautiful sounds of the ocean waves all day and all night from our condo windows and it is heavenly. It has a washer and dryer, hot water and air conditioning too.

And we don’t even need an alarm. The roosters start crowing way before sunrise.  At 3:00 AM, “The Rooster Greek Chorus” starts it’s refrain. One  rooster sets them off: “Doo! Doo doo! Doo Dooooo!” This gets the second rooster going and he chimes in, and he I am sorry to report, seriously flat. And then, for the coup de gras, the third begins and it sounds like it is in the dying phase of emphysema! But hey. It’s roosters living next door with the pigs and the dogs and the chickens and the people and the rest of daily life here in Ecuador. “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!” as Mr Rogers used to say right?

Well I have to admit,  every night at 3:00 AM when that first rooster starts crowing it’s little heart out, I fantasize about shooting it, and the rest of them too, just to get some peace and quiet.

Last night my husband had the brilliant idea to put on a white noise app of rain. He thought it would make me feel more at home, imagining a thunderstorm was going on outside as if I was at my home in Seattle, Washington.  I slept like a log.

Go figure. You spend your whole life thinking and planning and waiting to live by the beach in The Tropics. Then when you actually get here, you have to put on “white noise” of rainfall in order to get some shut eye?!



Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.37.38 pm

(This blog is an excerpt from the upcoming book, “Footprints In Ecuador: An American Woman’s Life Changing Journey.”

Note: All photos in “Footprints in Ecuador: An American Woman’s Life Changing Journey” have been taken by Mary Anne Dorward. All photos and writing on this blog are protected under the U.S. Trademark: Words To Thrive By.  Please do not copy or reproduce any part of these blogs without express permission from Mary Anne Dorward. For more information or to schedule and inspirational speech or interview, please contact Mary Anne at


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