URUGUAY: The American Dream in South America?

Did you know that The Economist voted Uruguay the “Country of The Year” for 2013? “Modest yet bold, liberal and fun-loving, Uruguay is our country of the year.”

Here’s the link to the announcement in their article:

“Earth’s Got Talent: Our Country Of The Year”


When you read all the qualities that made The Economist choose Uruguay, I began to think that there were at least four of the qualities that The United States was founded upon: Individual Liberty, Innovation, Boldness and Freedom.

See what you think in this excerpt from the announcement below:

“But the accomplishments that most deserve commendation, we think, are path-breaking reforms that do not merely improve a single nation but, if emulated, might benefit the world. Gay marriage is one such border-crossing policy, which has increased the global sum of human happiness at no financial cost. Several countries have implemented it in 2013—including Uruguay, which also, uniquely, passed a law to legalise and regulate the production, sale and consumption of cannabis. This is a change so obviously sensible, squeezing out the crooks and allowing the authorities to concentrate on graver crimes, that no other country has made it. If others followed suit, and other narcotics were included, the damage such drugs wreak on the world would be drastically reduced.

Better yet, the man at the top, President José Mujica, is admirably self-effacing. With unusual frankness for a politician, he referred to the new law as an experiment. He lives in a humble cottage, drives himself to work in a Volkswagen Beetle and flies economy class. Modest yet bold, liberal and fun-loving, Uruguay is our country of the year. ¡Felicitaciones!”



Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.37.38 pm

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2 thoughts on “URUGUAY: The American Dream in South America?

    • Hi Peter. Thanks so much for your comment! I really look forward to seeing Uruguay myself very soon. From all I’ve read and the research I’ve done so far, Uruguay does look like a potentially ideal place to retire. I have to be honest and tell you that Ecuador on the other hand, as a place to retire, is not for everyone. Ecuador right now is less expensive overall that places like Uruguay and Chile. But it all depends on what your definition of what the definition we each hold for ourselves in terms of “quality of life.” Stay tuned! When I get to Uruguay I will blog a more personal experience about my time there! Again, thanks for commenting. ~Mary Anne


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