ECUADOR: Dia De Los Muertos

Colada Morada and Bread in the Shape of a Person served in Ecuador on Day Of The Dead

Colada Morada and Bread in the Shape of a Person served in Ecuador on Day Of The Dead Note: Photo Courtesy of Google Images

In many places in the world, October 31- November 2 is the period known as “Dia de Los Muertos.” (Day of The Dead) In Ecuador, people spend part of their “Dia de Los Muertos” sitting on the grave of their Loved One, “sharing a meal” together.

Another part of the tradition of this holiday, is to drink this fermented blood red colored drink called, “Colada Morada.” “Colada Morada” is made, in part, from the very deep red mora berry fermented with other fruits. They also eat this special bread which is baked in the shape of the body of a person and is symbolic of and honoring their dear loved ones who have passed away.

The “Dia de Los Muertos” Tradition, (most common in the Sierra areas of Ecuador,) is that before you drink your “Colada Morada”, you take the person shaped bread, dunk the head only of it into your fermented brew, (which of course turns the bread deep red) and then bite the head off of the bread and eat it.

Fascinating huh?

I guess you could say that today is a “Dia de Los Muertos” for me too. I honor my ancestors who have helped to shape who I am today, especially those ancestors of mine who took the tremendous leap of faith and courage to go to America from England and Scotland, to discover new lands and build a new life for themselves and for those of us who came after them.

At the same time, I also honor the life and the lifestyle that I am in the process of letting go of  from living in the United States for over five decades and moving to a new country.

It’s a challenging transition moving to another country. But with each day that passes, I welcome all of these new experiences with open arms, deep gratitude and tremendous  faith.

How have you managed the challenges of moving to another country?

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