Bread Baking in South America

Bread Dough Rising

Bread Dough Rising

I’m baking my weekly Italian style bread today here in Ecuador. The bread takes 3 days to make and today is baking day. This bread recipe tastes a lot like the SF Sourdough bread I grew up with and loved so much.

While it rises over three days, I place my prayer beads on top of the bowl and set the bowl on top of the words: CREATIVITY, KINDNESS, LOVE, BEAUTY, EXPANSION, PEACEFUL ABUNDANCE and RECEPTIVITY, the qualities of The Universe I most want to rise in my life and in the lives of all those who eat my bread.

To keep it cool here in the heat while rising, I keep the dough rising in my room on my office desk near the air conditioner and it’s also the room where I sleep. Heavenly scent.

I pray while I knead the bread and then since it need a bit more heat to rise for the final rise, I then set the bowl by the window in my kitchen. At this point in the bread making process, I wish the bread well in it’s rising and pray that it absorbs the ever flowing positive energy of the sea nearby.

All day and night i smell the beautiful scent of bread dough rising. That alone is enough to keep me making it every week!! Haha! Not to mention you can’t find this kind of bread ANYwhere in Ecuador.

Fresh Baked Bread

Fresh Baked Bread

I will post more on Americans living in Ecuador and how they adjust to living in this country, the many interesting attractions in Ecuador and more information on South America in my future blogs. Thanks for reading!



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4 thoughts on “Bread Baking in South America

    • Hi Global Recipe Project!

      Thanks for your kind invitation to participate in The Global Recipe Project! I’m very excited! I went next door to the kitchen where I’ve been learning to cook Ecuadorian food and the Grandmother and her daughter agreed to submit three recipes for your book. Traditional Viche,(A very popular and traditional soup) Ceviche (A very popular fish, shrimp, conch or calamari dish served cold) and Camaron al Ajillo. (sShrimp with garlic). I have eaten all three recipes here in Ecuador at their restaurant and they are truly amazing. The grandmother, Doma is in her 70’s and had 10 children and her daughter Mari runs the restaurant where they both cook every day, seven days a week.

      Let me know how to proceed in getting these amazing recipes to you! And thanks again.

      Warmly~ Mary Anne


  1. I’m from Atlanta and have retired in Cotacachi Ecuador !! How can I get the recipie for that beautiful loaf of bread ?? Thanks


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