Pretty Feet In Ecuador

I happened to mention to one of the sisters next door how much I admired their beautiful feet and all the beautiful designs on the toes of the women of Ecuador. I shared that I felt that my feet were quite “feo” or “ugly” by comparison to all of theirs and also that I had not had a pedicure in over a year.

When I came over to cook the next day and was heading into the kitchen, I saw one sister sitting in her front yard having a pedicure done. I was quite surprised to hear her tell me with a beaming smile, “We’re going to get rid of your ugly feet!” and “You’re next.”

When it was my turn, I was in the middle of chopping carrots in the kitchen. Doma fought with the sisters that I was there to cook and not get a pedicure. They fought back saying I needed a rest and needed to have my feet done so I would feel pretty again. Doma finally relented and let me out of the kitchen.

Here is my pedicure. Cost: $3.00. It has given me great delight every day since to see my new pretty feet.


Pedicure Design: Ecuador

Pedicure Design: Ecuador

There’s so much to share as one of the many Americans living in Ecuador ! I’m looking forward to sharing more with you about where to visit in South America and more on countries with low cost of living such as Ecuador for my future blogs!



Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.37.38 pm

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