Pan de Yucca

Today I learned how to make Pan de Yucca. It now ranks as my second favorite food from Ecuador.


Starts with a giant bowl where you mix fresh masa (flour) of yucca, then a bag of yucca starch, milk, butter, a little tiny bit of chancho (pork) fat and a little salt. Then you grate fresh made cheese, make a cup of the dough into your hands and put a large pinch of cheese in and then form it into the round tortilla shapes with your hands.


Bake it in the oven for an hour at our equivalent of 350 degrees F and voila! Pan de Yucca! I’m eating this one with a little coffee right now.

The texture and taste is hard to describe. The crust is like biting into a bagel and then your teeth sink into this chewy texture and then the delicious sour taste creeps up on you as you chew. As you chew more, the kick hits you of the taste of the sour tangy and the cheese together mixed with the crust that somehow manages to maintain itself until it gives way to chewing… It’s just a ball of yumminess. That’s it. Pan de yucca is just chewy, tangy, warm yumminess.


And when you sip a bit of sweetened coffee with milk on top of a mouthful of pan de yucca as Ecuadorians do here, the entire flavor changes again into some sort of alchemical reaction of the mix of sweet and sour both.

I do see why though you wouldn’t eat these every day. You’d end up looking like a blimp. But because I had to find a way to describe them to you, I ate two today. Guess that’s dinner! Lol!



Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.37.38 pm

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