The Bells Of Independence Are Ringing Again

Image via National Collective of the Night For Scotland

Image via National Collective of the Night For Scotland

I’m personally watching the vote for Scottish Independence closely. It feels like “Braveheart” all over again.

I have always been moved by brave people who stand up for independence and who inspire the possibility of change in the world, especially against strongly entrenched regimes and historical oppression. This “yes” vote may not win in Scotland today. But no matter what, it does send a very strong message that a people united are stronger than a people divided against themselves, divided by whatever propaganda or fear or media control they are subjected to.

I have never underestimated the power of a soul on fire or what the human being is capable of when fighting for what they believe is right. People fighting in Scotland to protect their families against governmental programs that put them at risk – such as the nuclear docking base of Trident which potentially creates a terrorist target – is their right. The people of Scotland have long been angry over the fact that they don’t get much in the way of support from the UK government, even despite their massive reserves of oil that the UK makes free use of and benefits from. Their Royal Bank Of Scotland is threatening to leave the country to try to instill fear when in fact, it is insolvent and ultimately will cause more harm to the people than good if and when it fails, just as other banks have recently done in other parts of our world.

I ran the political campaign for the first woman ever to run for Parliament of Mongolia. Battsetseg Shagdar is a very brave woman who was fighting for Democracy in her country and still fights on behalf of Democracy there today. Her Parliamentary campaign in Mongolia went very well. We had taken on the Communist regime and she went from 4th place to 1st before the race was “overturned” at the last minute by the Communists.  The Press in Mongolia were very successful, at least internationally, in suppressing the news following Baagi’s near win/loss.

When the news of her loss became public to the people living there and who had voted for Baagi, 6000 kids, aged 18-24, called “bull shit” and together rioted in the main square, bottle rocketing and burning down the Communist headquarters in protest against a false and “fixed” win from the government. Baagi was placed under “house arrest” and unable to leave her home. While 700 of the 6,000 kids were rounded up and put in prison, with no human rights and no human rights groups coming to their aid, they were tortured for their participation in the revolt. Even this did not stop the quest for a True Democracy in Mongolia. These  kids felt they had sacrificed themselves for the good of their country and to stand up for what was right. The brave fight of Baagi and her team of women, and the kids and families of Mongolia who protested had a huge impact the entire world. They created a ripple effect enroute to what is now known as “The Arab Spring” and events which have followed to the present day.

Abraham Lincoln said, “It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong.” That Mongolian Parliamentary campaign empowered the people to stand up and fight for what they believed in, just as Scotland is doing now in their quest for independence.My hope is that The People of Scotland feel their strength in solidarity. I support them in their brave hope for a better future, regardless of the outcome of this one vote. Having worked in politics all over the world, I know there are many tough campaign losses before a win, much hard work,  blood, sweat and tears before consciousness truly makes a shift anywhere in the world.

Over and over again, as a successfully political consultant, I have seen that we as a people ALL around the world are united – always and to varying degrees of importance – in three things:

1. Hope for a better future for our children.

2. Hope for someone to take care of us when we get older.

3. Hope for a safe place to live.

I wish the people of Scotland well – no matter what side of the vote they are on – and I personally find them inspiring as they fight for what they believe in. I also truly respect them as they, by their actions and using their collective Voice, raise the consciousness of our world in the process. They may not win. But they do send a clear message: The Bell Of Freedom and independence is ringing once again.

Who listens is not the point.

The point is that The Bells of Freedom and Independence ARE ringing. A People United in Scotland right now hold the ropes to those Freedom bells with their votes today.



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