The Power Of The Human Mind


As I paddle along on my paddle board every morning out in the pacific ocean here in Ecuador I think a lot. Well I try to relax and not think, but invariably my mind wanders and here’s a typical example below of where I go as I think:

“You don’t need to be Freud, or a neurosurgeon, to know that the human mind is our central processing unit. It’s what makes us “tick”.

But here’s the astonishing, shocking, mind-numbing part.

The more that doctors, scientists, academics, and researchers discover about the HUMAN BRAIN—the LESS they understand the HUMAN MIND.

Hard to believe?

Aren’t the BRAIN and MIND pretty much the same thing???


The BRAIN is physical. It has neurons, dendrites, synapses, and grey matter—constantly firing messages in all directions throughout your body.

But the MIND—is not physical. It’s your inner consciousness. It’s how you think and behave, your deep emotions, and pretty much everything else that defines how you feel, act, and the decisions you make.

In short, your mind, specifically your subconscious—is your BLUEPRINT.

Your makeup.

Your very own unique architectural design.”*

It turns out that our blueprint, our unique subconscious architectural design, totally and completely unique to us – which was installed in computer like programs BEFORE the age of 7 years old by our parents, teachers and others -drives the MAJORITY of our daily decisions and thoughts and actions TODAY. 

Go back and read that again.

And by majority of daily decisions and actions, I mean the research shows your subconscious blueprint drives 95% of your DAILY decisions and actions today. (And, believe it or not, about 70% of those subconcious programs we all got installed before the age of 7 are NEGATIVE ones. But that’s another blog! Haha.)

This information totally blew my mind.

This information also set me on a totally different, more healthy, happy and fulfilling direction in my life today.

Once I reprogrammed my subconscious blueprints from the PAST, my life in the PRESENT began to CHANGE dramatically.

I never imagined that I had this power within me to change my life, easy and effortlessly. It had been there, right inside me, all along. It was like ALL my ANSWERS were hiding right there, in plain sight.

I no longer beat myself up for things that happened in my past.

I can do nothing in my present NOW about my past. It’s over. Done. Lived. However, I totally trust that I will use all that great learning from my past enroute toward better living in my present NOW.

I don’t have to know or worry about the future because I trust that my inner guidance guides me as I go. Now. THIS moment.

So, I am totally focused on living in The NOW of my experience, which is, frankly, the only moment, I or any one of us, have ever had to work with.

When I get anxious about the future, I tell myself, “I don’t need to know. My inner guidance guides me as I go.”

And then I trust my inner blueprint to do it’s job of guiding me to my highest and greatest good and in service to the highest and greatest good of all, which includes you who read my Facebook postings, my twitter feed, my blogs and books and those who do not.

I totally and completely trust the All in all. I am that All in all and so are you.

So. How are you applying your own unique blueprint in this moment? Are you getting the results you want? If not, perhaps it’s time to change that.

*~Thank you Dr Robert Anthony for your 30 years of research and work on self hypnosis. Thanks also to Bruce Lipton for your continued enlightenment on these concepts and the amazing new world of Epigenetics.



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