Announcing Footprints Around The World! Next Stop: CHILE!!

Hi All,

I just wanted to fill you in on an exciting development in my life.

My husband and I have decided to take the next few years and travel around the world.

This means that, for now, I will be leaving Ecuador for awhile.

However, I will be writing about my upcoming travel adventures on this blog under the heading, “Footprints Around The World.”

For those of you who are coming to my blog looking for more information on Ecuador, in the upcoming blogs, I will of course give a comparison of Ecuador to wherever my footprints take me.

Next stop: CHILE!

Stay tuned!

Thanks again for all your support.

PS: Would you like more ACCURATE, AUTHENTIC and UP TO DATE INFORMATION about Ecuador?


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6 thoughts on “Announcing Footprints Around The World! Next Stop: CHILE!!

  1. Congratulations on your new adventure. Best always and safe travels.
    I plan to be in the Puerto Lopez area in a couple of weeks for a few weeks.
    If you have any accommodation recommendations, people connections, or words of assistance in this region, please let me know.
    Again, best always,
    Jerome Bonnett


    • Hi Jerome!

      Thanks for your good wishes!

      I absolutely can recommend a few places in the Puerto Lopez region. Depending on your budget, here are three recommendations for a place to stay in Puerto Lopez.

      One is Punta Piedrero Ecolodge: Link to trip Advisor for more information:

      Another is Azuluna Eco Lodge:

      And a third is Hostaria Mandala:

      The whale watching tours are great in Puerto Lopez and you really can’t go wrong with what’s available and who your hotel trusts to take you out. So wherever you stay, ask the people in charge there who is the best and safest boat to take out.

      Another cool thing to do is go to Isla de La Plata. It’s a day’s event and considered by us locals as “The Poor Man’s Galapagos.” As I wrote in my book, “Words To Thrive By for World Travellers: Footprints in Ecuador,” You can see all the animals you pay a LOT of money to see in the Galapagos for a fraction of the price of the trip. So definitely do that even though you will have to rent a cab and then take a short boat ride. Well worth the trip.

      For more information on Ecuadorand the Puerto Lopez region in particular, check out my book, “Words To Thrive By for World Travellers: Footprints in Ecuador,” in either Kindle (my color photos) or Paperback (my black and white photos):

      There’s lots of different things to do in the Puerto Lopez area and since you are staying a few weeks you should be able to get to them! I’m not clear if you are renting a car? That will make your stay a lot easier and you will have more flexibility.

      Check out the monkey (monkey in Spanish is “Mono”) reserve just south of Manta. It is a really nice 2 hour tour through the rainforest and coasts about $10.00 for a tour. Depending on if you speak Spanish it will be a lot more informative as the guides only speak Spanish. However, it is cool to see and hear the howler monkeys and other animals. When we went we saw mothers and babies swinging from the limbs of trees and heard the deep guttural howling of the howlers which sounded like any moment they were coming to eat you! Haha!! Anyway it’s a lovely outing for an afternoon.

      You are going at a really nice time of year for weather and it will be temperate.But in the mountains if you are staying up high it can be a bit nippy at night so bring another windbreaker layer.

      South of Puerto Lopez is a really sweet town we just loved called Ayangue. If you have a car you can easily get there. Lovely and very sweet beach and fishing village.

      South of that is Salinas and if you like Miami, that’s what it looks like. Not my cup of tea but many people love it.

      I hope you have a great trip! Let us know how it went and what you did! If you find something interesting or that you really liked on your trip, let me know. Then I can blog about it here in this blog for other travelers to Ecuador!


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