The 9 Days of GRATITUDE- Day 2- Standing Still and Learning To Be Astonished



Mary Oliver is my favorite living poet. I love what she says about learning to be grateful by “standing still and learning to be astonished.”

In light of ongoing current events around the entire world, I am doing what I can right now to put out positive energy and gratitude where I can in my work “loving the world.” Each of us can do one little thing every day to restore the balance in the world and to add to the positive.

This is how we will  keep our keep our minds and hearts on what really matters.

This 9 day GRATITUDE series is what I have chosen to do….for now.

So from me to you, wherever you are in the 135+ countries who currently follow this blog, I wish you the beauty and grace of learning how to  stand still and be astonished in your own life.

In any event, I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do.

Warm regards,

Mary Anne

The Messenger

My work is loving the world.
Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird—equal seekers of sweetness. Here the quickening yeast; there the blue plums.
Here the clam deep in the speckled sand.
Are my boots old? Is my coat torn?
Am I no longer young, and still not half-perfect?
Let me keep my mind on what matters, which is my work,
which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished.
The phoebe, the delphinium. The sheep in the pasture, and the pasture. Which is mostly rejoicing, since all ingredients are here,
which is gratitude, to be given a mind and a heart
and these body-clothes, a mouth with which to give shouts of joy to the moth and the wren, to the sleepy dug-up clam, telling them all,
over and over, how it is that we live forever.

• Mary Oliver •

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