Gratitude Day 3: Grant Us A Heart Wide Open To All This Beauty.

How I like to think of my days here

How I like to think of my days. Period.

In Day 3 of my 9 Days Of Gratitude commitment, I thought I would share something really personal with you. The very first thing I say to myself within the first 17 seconds of waking up is, “Something truly AWESOME is going to happen to me today. Thank You! I am GRATEFUL!”

Whatever We Focus On Expands

Whatever we focus on expands and so I choose to focus on GRATITUDE. I want to focus on creating a heart wide open within myself to all the beauty and joy in the world.What do you focus on when you wake up?

A Thanksgiving Prayer For Every Day

Below is a “Thanksgiving Prayer” written Walter Rauschenbusch that could be repeated any day of the year. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanksgiving Day Prayer

For the wide sky and the blessed sun,

For the salt sea and the running water,

For the everlasting hills

And the never-resting winds,

For trees and the common grass underfoot.

We thank you for our senses

By which we hear the songs of birds,

And see the splendor of the summer fields,

And taste of the autumn fruits,

And rejoice in the feel of the snow,

And smell the breath of the spring.

Grant us a heart wide open to all this beauty.

• Walter Rauschenbusch •

Another thing I am thankful for is my freedom and ability to write about what I think of and see in my travels around the world. My experience in Ecuador has been truly life changing. Want to know more about that? Here ya go:

“Words To Thrive By® for World Travellers: Footprints in Ecuador” 

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