GRATITUDE Day 4: What Slice Of The Pie Do You Choose?

Star Doile: Handmade by Narcissa de Jesus Abando Lucas

“You can’t carve up the world.

It’s not a pie.”

~Patti Smith

In all the world events these days, with everyone trying to assert their power and dominance, slicing up the world into “Our” and “Your” slices of The World Pie, I find myself thinking of the wisdom of yarn, specifically in the form of crochet doilies like the one in the photo above.

All threads connected.

I’ve always loved crochet. Beautiful. Creative. All threads connected, from beginning to end. The crochet design can be all kinds of sizes, shapes, designs and colors. It’s the same with all the people and landscape of our shared world.

What is the slice of the pie that you control and feel safe in?

Truly, we are ALL connected. Yet, at the same time, we all seem to continually be focused on being separate, all of us seeking our rightful slice of The World Pie.

We “think” that we can find a slice of the world pie that we can control and feel safe in – like our houses, our jobs, our children, our money. Since we “think” we can control them, we focus an awful lot of energy on them.

The Joke Is On Us.

Inevitably, though, much to our surprise and frustration, we find we don’t have control anywhere it would seem: Not in our homes, jobs, children or in the area of money.

We don’t really own our house. Hey, just try not paying your property taxes one year and you will really know who owns your house!

We don’t control our jobs as even when we work for ourselves, there are always forces beyond our control that influence our “success” or “failure,” from one year to the next.

Our children. Well, anyone who has children knows that you only give birth to them. After that, there is only so much influence you really have and certainly no control, especially over the age of 18.

Our Money. This is the one that used to get me the most. I totally connected money to my sense of security and feelings of well being.

What control do we really have?

But I have discovered that, at least for me, when it really comes right down to it, the only control I really have is over my Choices in every moment.

In the area of Houses, rather than owning anything I finally choose to rent. This gives me more choices and flexibility and a lot less work!

In the area of my Job, I finally chose to build a healthy new lifestyle, far away from the “Corporate America” and “The American Political Machine.” As a result, I no longer have the same daily crippling stress that nearly killed me.

In the area of Children, I have chosen now to release both my daughter and son to find their own way in the world. I try my very best to keep my nose and my helpful suggestions to myself. (Yes. This is hard!)

In the area of Money, I used to equate money with security.  As a result of being driven by fear around money, losing it or not having enough, money always came and left in my life.

Now, I choose to be in total gratitude around money.

As a result experience around money has shifted enormousy. Now money is in continual flow toward me and not away from me.  Now, I always seem to have just *Enough* to do whatever I need to do.

“Enough money” flowing is plenty for me.

Enough Is Enough

Making different choices in my life as I have, I am now living in abundance. I choose to believe and act as if I always have enough of everything I need. I let go of what I don’t need. As a result, I  live in abundance every day.

How my pie is carved today

If I were to carve up my personal and professional pie now, I see it has 4 pieces.

I ask myself how am I doing, moment to moment, in the four areas of:





Where is self worth, joy and peace to be found?

I am now content in my choices to find my self worth, joy and peace in every area of my life.

It all comes down to cause and effect of my choices.

I see my life as very wealthy indeed with a great life partner, a great living location free of stress, enough money to eat  and the wisdom to discern what is healthy in that regard.  I also choose to focus on the wisdom of valuing what is enough, and as a result, I always receive what I truly need.

We are all connected

I think if we all looked at ourselves and the world this way, one big pie, connected by the single thread of God or whatever Higher Power you believe in,  we would see, just like the threads of a creation crochet, that we all struggle with the same challenges and have equal access to the things we need to create our version of life that is healthy, wealthy, wise and full of joy.

If we focused more of our time and energy on how much we are alike in this way, instead of all the ways we are not in agreement, I believe that we would first find internal peace.

Then maybe, just maybe, we could begin to create peace in the world, seeing all pieces of the One Pie as equally beautiful, diverse and delicious.

Do you agree?


If you came here looking for more information on the nuts and bolts of Ecuador, and not on my personal thoughts abut life, feel free to order my book, Words To Thrive By for World Travlers: Footprints in Ecuador below:



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