GRATITUDE DAY 9: On Taking Advice- If They Don’t SHOW it, They Don’t KNOW It

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Several years ago I had a profound insight on taking advice from others.

I stopped taking financial advice from people that were broke. I stopped getting health tips from unhealthy people. I stopped taking relationship advice from people with toxic or boring relationships and I stopped looking for spiritual guidance from people who couldn’t demonstrate the manifestation of Universal Principles in their life.

This choice to stop getting “bad advice” totally changed my entire life.

I now follow the rule that “if they don’t SHOW it, they don’t KNOW it” and I stay away from these people like they had the plague.

Instead, I find people who have manifested what I desire and ask them for help. Without exception they have been more than happy to assist me.

And the best part of the “Words To Thrive By Advice” I am giving you right now is that you can prove this to yourself!

Here’s how: Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT! This daily practice of focusing your attention on receiving new awareness of your progress in life will AUTOMATICALLY put you in The Flow.

Along the same lines, giving thanks at all times, attracts more things to be grateful for! Try it in your own life today and see!

Thank You

                       Thank You


And if you don’t want to take my advice on taking advice in life and would rather just know a bit more about Ecuador, feel free to consider downloading my new book: Words To Thrive By for World Travelers: Footprints in Ecuador.  I know that you absolutely and totally WILL be grateful for all the helpful tidbits and stories about Ecuador that I share in my book. I’ve lived it. I know it. And in my book I show it. So you can totally trust it!

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