Assimilation In Ecuador

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On the Expat Forum this morning, I saw a question about Assimilation in Ecuador. I thought anyone looking for more information on Assimilation In Ecuador would be interested in both this question and two of the responses.


“In the USA we accept foreigners, it’s what we do. In Ecuador I doubt that takes place. I would love to hear expats who have had experiences, positive and negative, with regard to assimilation. “


“I think the process for gringos who stay here in Ecuador is much the same as a similar foreigner in the USA.

Most, if they arrive in the US old, do not learn English. Most of the old folks socialize with one another. They buy from from a barrio market if they can because its more than just a grocery store, its a touch of the familiar, the language, the food.

A twenty year old will assimilate. That’s what twenty year old’s do…..they come from being teens, a different culture than adults are part of. So adapting to Ecuador would become part of the normal process they go thru. Assimilating/maturing. Might be two names for the same process.

For us old folks, not easy…but helpful in keeping the brain functioning.

If you have never lived in another culture and are armchair travelers let me tell you…. calling it another reality vs another culture better expresses the gap. It really seems like that sometimes.

Better that than a place that was boring (aburrido) for my declining years.


Another person added: “Resistance is, after all, futile (I’m sorry – I had to plug the Borg)”

In my book, “Words To Thrive By for Travelers: Footprints in Ecuador” I cover a lot about this topic. Feel free to purchase my new bookWords To Thrive By for World Travelers: Footprints in Ecuadoravailable both on Kindle and Paperback formats. Personally, I prefer the kindle version as all my photos are in color in that version. However if you like a traditional paperback in your hands where you can make your own notes, feel free to purchase that version where the photos are in black and white.

Words To Thrive By for World Travelers: Footprints in Ecuador

Words To Thrive By for World Travelers: Footprints in Ecuador


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