Citizenship In Ecuador?

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Many people have asked me this question, “Do many ex-pats become Ecuadoran citizens?”

The truth is that very few Expats become Ecuadorian citizens.

Many people who come to Ecuador, thinking they will stay for life, are gone within three years of attaining residency, which is the time at which they have the right to seek citizenship.

The rest often don’t have the incentive to seek official citizen status because:

1. They already have lifetime residency rights.

2. They may be retired and so don’t need special custody or travel-with-minors rights that citizenship could provide.

Some few may seek citizenship to be able to travel outside Ecuador without residency-imposed restrictions or to get real estate released for re-sale on which their residency was based.

But most people who come to live in Ecuador seem to feel satisfied that they have Permanent Residency Status and don’t feel the need to take the next step of gaining full citizenship in Ecuador.



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Words To Thrive By for World Travelers: Footprints in Ecuador

Words To Thrive By for World Travelers: Footprints in Ecuador



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