Saying “I DO!” In Ecuador

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Of the 107 couples who took part in a mass wedding at the Cathedral of Quito yesterday, 77-year-old José Muquinche and 86-year-old María Sánchez were the most photographed.

They were accompanied by two daughters who could not contain their tears when they saw their parents say “I do” after being together for 52 years.

The groom spent much of his life as a bricklayer. He says their civil marriage was registered in 1977. But they finally decided to take the step they felt they lacked: the church ceremony.

During the exchanging of vows, María said “I give myself to you, as a wife, and receive you as my husband, and I promise to love you in joy and in sorrow, in poverty and in prosperity, health and disease, and be faithful all the days of my life.”

After rings were placed on each other’s fingers, they sealed their marriage with a kiss.

Above Photo courtesy: La Hora

Photo below courtesy of El Comercio

Marriage Sealed With A Kiss....After 52 Years

Marriage Sealed With A Kiss….After 52 Years

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