Tigua Art: El Cóndor Enamorado



In Tigua art (Cotopaxi Province), you will often see a woman riding on a condor. This is based on the legend “El cóndor enamorado.”

On the moorlands of Cotopaxi, there lived a girl who tended sheep. She was treated badly by her family, so she preferred to be in the field with the herd.

The god Pachacamac saw the suffering of the girl and decided to send his son, a condor, down to the moorlands.

The condor had the power to turn into a young man and he soon won the girl’s heart.

The condor took the girl to his nest on the rocks. The family, noticing the girl was missing, went looking for her. They rescued her and locked her in the house.

The girl, already in love, made an opening in the thatched roof. She held a splinter of smoking wood to signal her lover.

The condor immediately swooped down and grabbed her.

With the girl on his back, the two flew over the Quilotoa lake and to the top of the moor. The girl changed into a female condor.

In the moorlands, the couple consummated their union and gave birth to new generations of condors that populate the Andean region.

*Thanks to David Sasaki for telling this story on Ecuador Expats


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