Bonzai Hospitals? In Ecuador?


A number of Ecuadorians grow bonsai trees as a hobby, or a passion in some cases. There are even bonsai clubs.

But what happens when your bonsai is not doing too well?

In the Quito area, there are clinics that can diagnose the ailment.

If the problem is minor, the tree can be discharged immediately.

But if the tree is in danger, it will have to remain “hospitalized.”

Okimono-Bonsái is one of the places where this service is provided.

Favio Delgado, the designer of the bonsai area at Quito’s Botanical Garden, runs the service. He has more than 40 years experience with these miniature trees. Some people leave their bonsai trees with him when they go on vacation, knowing they will receive the proper care.

There are other clinics including Taller Bonsái Ecuador and Clínica Bonsái Quito.

All of these places also offer advice for those who want to start with this ancient practice.…/noticias/fotoReportaje/1101985196

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Words To Thrive By for World Travelers: Footprints in Ecuador


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