Día del Escudo Nacional del Ecuador


Today is Halloween. But it’s also Día del Escudo Nacional del Ecuador.

The escudo is the coat of arms on Ecuador’s flag. Ecuador’s congress officially adopted the current version on October 31, 1900. It shows Chimborazo Volcano, the Guayas River and a steamboat also named Guayas.

But what about all the other symbols?

Andean condor = Bravery and power

Sun = Productivity and progress

Laurel = Glory

Palm = Peace

Fasces consulares (ax with wood wrapped around it) = Authority and dignity. The fasces is an ancient Roman symbol of power.

Astrological signs next to the sun = Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. They symbolize the months of the 1845 Revolution that forced Juan José Flores from power.

Thank you David Sasaki for this valuable perspective.


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